The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 52:1a
Awake, awake, Zion, clothe yourself with strength!
Put on your garments of splendor,
Jerusalem, the holy city.
(In a call of encouragement, the Lord directs His people to arise
from their mourning and oppression in Babylon
and to put on their garments of celebration and joy.
Instead of their waiting until they are released
and set free from Babylon, the Lord is calling His people
to put on a new face while they are still in exile and bondage.
Instead of waiting until some point in the future when everything is fine,
we are called to celebrate and rejoice right now
while we are in the very middle of difficult circumstances,
This call to waken, earlier to Jerusalem
and earlier still to the strength of the Lord,
is now repeated again here as both a command and a promise.
Not only does the Lord call His people
to throw off their garments of bondage,
but His call is also a promise that He is delivering them
out of the exile and slavery in which they were bound
and into a new relationship with Him.
He is calling them to put on wedding garments
to ready themselves as His Bride.
His call to us today is the same, both a command
to exercise strength to shift ourselves and our focus
away from the situation we may be facing today and toward Him,
as well as a promise that He has chosen this time
to call us forth and deliver us into our true identity in Him.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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