The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 51:21-22a
Therefore hear this, you afflicted one, made drunk, but not with wine.
(The Lord is speaking to His people
who have experienced years of Babylonian exile,
exile from their homeland, exile into an uninviting people and environment.
They are afflicted with the harshness of their oppressors,
and they can't walk without staggering like a drunk because of their burden,
the burden of carrying God's displeasure with their sin.
We, too, today, may be drunken, completely overcome, with the sense
of feeling separated from God because of the circumstances that afflict us.
Today, He is calling us even in the present, difficult situation to listen to Him.)

This is what your Sovereign Lord says,
your God, Who defends His people:

(Today, no matter what kind of "exile" or affliction we may be enduring,
the Lord reminds us, first, that He is sovereign, that He reigns supreme.
Next, He assures us that He is our God, that He chooses us as His people.
And, finally, He declares He will defend us.
Whether we walked with eyes wide-open into a situation
or whether we were ambushed by circumstances over which we had no control,
the Lord is our Defender, our undefeated Warrior, our unconquered Ally,
in Whom we can wholeheartedly put our trust today.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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