The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 51:20
Your children have fainted; they lie at every street corner,
like antelope caught in a net.
(If the children are God's people and Jerusalem is their mother,
God's people are helplessly caught in the devastation of their exile,
and, born in exile, the children of God's people are as lost as their elders.
What the people of God have produced, both their physical children,
as well as the work of their hands and their spiritual maturity, is weak and ineffective.
The people faint in the entrapment of their attempts to free themselves.
We, too, have tried to produce works, our "children," out of our own strength,
out of our own inner resources, out of our own determination, all to no avail.
We and all that we have tried to produce on our own are helpless and ineffective.)
They are filled with the wrath of the Lord, with the rebuke of your God.
(Because the people of God have failed to obey the Lord and His purposes for them,
their own, their so-called "good," works will forever fall short of pleasing God.
Failure and exile and fecklessness will always be the product of our own works,
and our good works, our performance, will never be good enough
to meet God's high and holy standards.
Holy Spirit's works that He chooses to produce through us
are the only way we can be free and strong,
and we are only strong in Him.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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