The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 51:9a
Awake, awake, Arm of the Lordclothe Yourself with strength!
(The speaker earnestly cries out to the Lord for help,
calling on Him, pleading with Him, to use His power to set His people free,
and giving us an example of yet another prayer
the Lord has chosen to include in Scripture for our benefit
so that we, too, can speak it forth in our deep needs.
Because of their wicked ways, the people of God
have experienced the consequences of their actions,
part of which has been exile from their beloved homeland for 70 years,
from everything that was familiar to them
and to everything that was harsh and oppressive.
This fervent cry is a petition and intercession to the Lord to act on their behalf.
Although the Lord never sleeps, is never late, is never unmindful of our needs,
this cry to awake is a figure of speech that reflects the speaker's heartfelt need
for the Lord to intervene in the lives of His people.
Although we, so often, like this intercessor,
attribute to the Lord's seeming inaction or even uncaring,
what we perceive as being no change in our situations,
he Lord, in fact, is always at work, always meeting our needs,
always acting to benefit and support us
in a thousand different ways in a thousand different levels,
bringing us into repentance, maturing us in the faith,
and timing His intervention perfectly for His highest and best purposes for us.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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