The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 51:3b
. . . and
[the Lord] will look with compassion on all her ruins;
(The people of God were in exile, their lives in ruin.

The Lord knew their past, their failures,

their inadequacies, their disobedience, their sin,

and yet He declares He will most assuredly have mercy on them

and bring them comfort through His salvation and redemption.

Today, as surely as He is God and Lord,

He will comfort and have compassion on us as well.

That's His nature, and He cannot be any other way.

Still today, He also extends His mercy and love to the wounds and betrayals

and disappointments and hurts in our life,

to the destruction and hopelessness and fear and failures

that have turned our lives into a barren ruin.

While the Lord stands in judgment of us, He doesn't stop there.

He knows we can never repay the sin guilt on our hands,

He knows we deserve death and punishment for our guilt,

but, in His great compassion for us, He goes beyond judgment

and provides redemption and mercy through His salvation.

Even in our uncleanness and rebellion, even in our failure and hopelessness,

even in our pride and delusions of grandeur,

even in our rebellion against Him and His truth,

today He runs to us, seeks us out, and extends His comfort
and compassion to us
in the ruins of our devastation.
Whatever circumstances that trouble and afflict us today,

as we look on the devastation, the ruins, in our life,

the Lord is present to comfort and sustain us

because He pities His children as a loving and caring father

reaches out to his broken and hurting child.

Today, the Lord enfolds us His beloved children in His arms of mercy.

He is Savior in whatever situation we find ourselves today!)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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