The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 50:7a
Because the Sovereign Lord helps Me, I will not be disgraced.
(Here is Jesus' secret to His forbearance and strength,
even in the midst of great suffering and humiliation.
Here is His secret to His patient endurance,
an endurance that is not in the least passive or weak,
but based on His declaration that He knows from where His help comes.
And because of that absolute assurance,
He is able to assert another absolute assurance,
His indomitable and resolute determination and knowledge
that, no matter what is happening to Him now,
no matter what men around Him say and do,
His God will not permit Him to be disgraced.
An extended meaning of the word disgraced
lies in the idea of being disappointed or delayed.
Again, Jesus is absolutely certain that His Father will not allow Jesus
to be disappointed in His Father's care nor His mission delayed.
As He stands before His captors, He stands before His Father God
Who looks on Him with fierce love and affirmation,
and He knows no man nor any of man's purposes can bring Him disgrace,
And here is the lesson for us today, in the face of humiliation and shame,
we do not have to take to heart and assume the dishonor
that man may try to heap upon us.
We can be assured that God will never disappoint us nor delay His Presence with us.
Rather, like  Jesus, we know that our Father God comes to our aid today
and looks on us with pride and love and mercy.
He esteems us because we belong to Him.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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