The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 50:6a
I offered My back to those who beat Me,
(Faultless, blameless, guiltless, irreproachable, absolutely sinless,
He Who could have brought His captors into submission with a single word,
Jesus not only perseveres through the beatings, enduring the pain,
but He willingly submitted to the beatings and torture,
courageously and steadfastly ushering it in,
willingly presenting Himself to it, readily submitting to it,
meeting it head on by voluntarily offering Himself to it.
He was not helplessly tortured under the power of His captors.
He was by no means a victim. Rather, this Lamb offered Himself to them.
When trials and pain come our way, if we follow Jesus' example,
we remember that we are not a victim,
but, rather, an over-comer through the trials.
Rather than spending our energy trying to escape,
trying to resist and run from the valley,
rather than complaining to the Lord
that we don't deserve such treatment,
rather than asking Him why these things are happening to us

when we don't deserve them, if we follow Jesus' example,
how different our attitude would be if we, instead,
understand that we are not a victim, and offer ourselves to His sovereignty
and to what He has allowed into our lives,
knowing that His purposes for us in the "beating," in the trial, are far beyond
what we can see or know at the time.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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