The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 49:9b
“They will feed beside the roads
 and find pasture on every barren hill."
(Just as the Lord provided an escape for His people
from the captivity and exile of Babylon,
so today He also provides escape for us from the places of darkness,
places of oppression, shame, fear, regrets, and hopelessness.
Even as a shepherd provided pasture and sustenance for his sheep,
so the Lord promised to provide the daily life necessities for the Israelites
as they made the challenging journey back to their homeland.
As the sheep under the Shepherd's care, like sheep,
we desperately need provision and sustaining support,
and we have the Lord's promise that He will be everything we need
as we journey out of captivity and exile back to Him.
If we are traveling on well-trodden roads where no vegetation can grow,
our Shepherd will cause abundant supply to be at our disposal,
to spring up where supply normally does not naturally grow.
He will even provide what we need when life takes us
away from the beaten paths and on the high and dangerous mountain pathways
where the barren heights also prevent vegetation from growing.
These are the very places where the Lord intervenes and makes a way,
makes provision, in the very places where there is no way,
where there is no provision, where there are no resources outside of Him.
Our Shepherd makes a way and supplies abundance and provision
in the very midst of our need today. no matter where we are,
no matter what our need, no matter the road or high hill,)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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