The Lord Be With You Today!

John 1:14a
And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,
(The very Word of God, His communication of Himself,
His revelation of Himself, His expression of Himself,
first unveiled His creation of man, then His covenant with man,
then His Law, then His tabernacle,
then His Son as God With Us, as Emmanuel,
then the Holy Spirit within us,
and then a Book of His Own Word, of His Own story.
He became flesh, both God and man.
His Word, His revelation of Himself, did not become a tree,
or a building, or a mountain, or a rock, or a monument,
but became flesh and blood.
God Himself became man, one of us,
to fully communicate to us Who He is,
to show us what He looks like as a living, breathing Man,
to reveal as much about Himself as we can comprehend,
not so He could know what it is like to be us.
He already knows that and everything about us
and everything we feel and know and are. He is God.
But, so that we could more readily relate to Him,
so that we could see Him as One to Whom we could draw toward
and with Whom we could be at ease,
He became flesh. He is "God With Us," God Who dwells with us.
But He became Flesh for more reasons than even those.
A spirit does not have skin and sinews and flesh and blood.
God as Spirit is not flesh and blood.
Since the life of a human is in the blood,
for Him to save and redeem us, He Himself had to put on flesh and blood.
Our blood is not sufficient to redeem us.
He had to become blood in order to finish the work of His creation,
to redeem His creation, to bring us to Himself.
The celebration of His birth today is first and foremost about His death
and the work of His Blood to redeem us.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,

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