The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 49:2
He made My Mouth like a sharpened sword,
(The Lord has given His Son the Messiah
a message that pierces "even to the dividing asunder the soul and spirit,
and of the joints and marrow" and that is "sharper than any two-edged sword."
Because, as born-again believers, we are positionally in Christ Jesus today
and have all the rights and inheritance of the first-born,
God has also blessed us with the ability to speak the words of our mouth
so that they are acceptable in His sight and carry the power of His Truth.
The Word of the Lord has formed us and taught us so we can speak His Truth.
Because He has made our mouth like a sharpened sword,
His Truth will also go forth from us as a sharp, two-edged sword
to pierce the darkness around and in us.)

in the shadow of His Hand He hid Me;
(He is a canopy over us. He goes before us as a pillar of cloud in the day
and a pillar of fire by night to protect and cover us and hide us in Him.

He protects us under the very shadow of His wings.
His Hand, the very Hand of God, hovers over us protectively and lovingly
with His presence and provision
Even as His Word is like a sword, that sword of the Spirit protects us
and keeps us hidden away and safely encased in the scabbard
and the shadow of His mighty Word of Truth.
He made Me into a polished arrow and concealed Me in His quiver.
(Just as an arrow is safely placed in the protection of the warrior
who will use it at the right time, God placed Jesus as a polished and ready arrow
to be pulled forth to proclaim His salvation
when God's time had come for His Messiah to appear.
The Lord has also hidden us away in His safe place, maturing us, growing us,
protecting us in His care until He draws us forth to use for His purposes,
sharpened and quick to the mark He has set for us.
What may look to us from our human perspective like wasted time or difficult times
is merely the Lord sharpening and polishing us
to be at the ready when He aims us to the mark.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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