The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 48:21
They did not thirst when He led them through the deserts;
He made water flow for them from the rock;

He split the rock 
and water gushed out.
(Israel's stay in Egypt had begun in safety and provision,
only to disintegrate into enslavement to Egypt's power.
When God's people became helpless slaves
to the ways of that world and those people,
the Lord was the only way of escape.
We, too, often begin our stay in places in the world's system
where we have been safely placed there through the Lord's provision for us.
Then we fail to preserve our trust in Him
and begin to yield to the world's lies and become hopelessly entrapped.
Only through the Lord's deliverance can we escape such slavery.
Here in Isaiah, God's people have been exiled to Babylon,
another kind of slavery caused by their disobedience
and rebellion against God's ways.
Today, we, too, often suffer the consequences
of our halfhearted and lukewarm adherence
to the life to which God has called us
or of our outright rebellion against the Lord,
and we find ourselves in places of exile.
In either case, whether we have originally gone to Egypt for safety
or to Babylon in defeat and exile, the Lord is reminding His people here
that just as He led them out of slavery through the wilderness
and provided for them in the midst of nothing,
so, too, today, He will lead them out of their enforced exile
and back to their home and place of safety in Him.
His safety and provision in the desert of our lives is in the Rock in that desert,
and that Rock is Christ Jesus, from Whom
flows rich rivers of the waters of refreshing and salvation,
the water of His Word and the water of the Presence of Holy Spirit.
No matter what desert exile we are in today,
wherever we need that water of provision,
that same Rock, Christ our Source, is present
to provide more than ample salvation.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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