The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 48:14b
The Lord's chosen ally
 will carry out his purpose against Babylon;
his arm will be against the Babylonians.
(Whether the pronouns here refer to the Lord Himself or to His chosen servant Cyrus,
a future Persian King who has not yet been born
and whom the Lord has already ordained to carry out His bidding regarding His people,
the Lord's Word stands and will be fulfilled through His Own means.
The Lord has declared His intention to make this future king
His means by which He would deliver His people.
God's love for His people is so intense, so encompassing,
that He uses even those who are not avowed God-followers
to fulfill His sovereign purposes for His people.
Today, the Lord still uses "Cyruses" to fulfill His designs
when He needs to deliver His people and give us relief.
Not only might He use external and foreign situations
like a Cyrus to bring about our deliverance,
but He also often chooses to use us ourselves as Cyrus vessels
to implement His plans for those around us.
Not only can we rejoice when the Lord sends a Cyrus into our lives,
but we also may, in turn, become a Cyrus in God's plans for others.
The great truth here is that the Lord knows our places of exile
and has already begun putting into place His future enactments
so that either He Himself or His chosen emissary
will intervene in our lives and bring about His release from our Babylon.
He invites us today to listen and watch and heed His declarations over us.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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