The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 48:14a
me together, all of you, and listen:
Which of the idols has foretold these things.
(No idol the Israelites or their adjoining neighbors worshiped had ever foretold
anything so remarkable, anything so unbelievable,
anything so amazing, anything so accurate,
as the prophecy that God is unfolding to His people.
He is prophesying to them that they would be released from their captors,
a revelation so remarkable and fantastic
because the mighty Babylonian empire was seemingly unconquerable.
The Lord still today proclaims to us release from the places where we are in exile,
release from
our captors, no matter who or what they are
even though the situations we face, the exile in which we are presently living,
may seem insurmountable and impossible to overcome.
Even as God foretold the israelites' coming release long before it would come about,
He has also declared to us our release and victory over outwardly impossilble situations.
He has known about our difficulties long before they came upon us,
and He has proclaimed from long ago that He would provide deliverance for us.
That deliverance is present for us today.
Today, the Lord challenges us even as He did the Israelites long ago
to listen to His declarations over us and to measure the pronouncements
of our own idols of anger and fear and attempts to exercise control over our lives
against God's proclamations of truth that align perfectly
with the omniscience and purity of His character and word.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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