The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 48:12-13
“Listen to Me, Jacob, Israel, whom I have called:
(Just as surely as the Lord spoke to His people Israel in days of old,
He is speaking to you and me today.
Just as surely as He chose and called out Israel as His peculiar people,
He has chosen and called us out as His special envoy, His trusted ambassadors,
His peculiar people, to carry out His purposes.
In the same way the Lord called Israel out of the slavery of Egypt
and then the later exile of Babylon,
today He is calling us out of the places of our bondage and banishment.)
I am He; I Am the First and I Am the Last.
(Now that He has our attention and we are listening to Him, He tells us Who He is.
He is the I AM and is the Alpha and Omega.
He is the initiator, the origin, the originator, the cause of all things created,
the creator of the beginning, the One Who was before the beginning.
He is the also the conclusion, the ending, the final curtain,
the One Who puts the last period on the conclusion,
the One Who exists past the ending, the finale of all things created.)
My Own Hand laid the foundations of the earth,
and My right Hand spread out the heavens;

when I summon them, they all stand up together."

(Now that the Lord has focused our attention on Him, has reminded us of Who He is,
He now tells us what He does. By His Hand through the mere power of His Word,
He spoke all of creation into being and established the earth in its place.
His right hand of power extended the expanse of the heavens,
carefully measuring them with the span of His Own Hand,
a limitless, immeasurable, unimaginable power.
When He called the heavens into being, they emerged into existence together
and now always stand in obedient alignment with His commands and purposes.
For us today, if God really is Who says He is
and if He really has done all that He says He has done and will do,
how can we ever doubt that He will protect us whom He has called,
how can we ever doubt that He will keep us by that same Voice
that summons everything in our lives to come forth at His command,
and how can we ever doubt His Hand of power that lays out the foundation of our lives.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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