The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 48:6b-7
“From now on I will tell you of new things, of hidden things unknown to you.
(Though the Lord has lovingly and continuously reached out to us to reveal Himself
through all His proclamations of deliverance and salvation from ages past,
and though we have continued to ignore or to dilute His declarations
with our own interpretations of them, the Lord determines to yet again today
speak new hope and new revelation into our lives.
This is a thing the Lord Himself is declaring,
and it does not depend on what we think or do.
He does not wait for us, nor ask our permission.)

They are created now, and not long ago; you have not heard of them before today.
So you cannot say, ‘Yes, I knew of them.’"
(The Lord is speaking specifically about His new revelation to His people Israel,
that He not only sees their plight but that He will deliver them from their exile in Babylon,
a feat that He will accomplish through the power of a foreign Persian King Cyrus,
a man who has not even been born yet.
In the Lord's absolute determination to reveal Himself and His power to us,
He tells us His thoughts and future purposes toward us.
The idea in the original wording was that the deliverance the Lord promises now
was accomplished the moment He conceived the thought.
That initial thought was also the exact same moment of fulfillment,
the moment of finished work, the finished work being contained
in the very conception of the intent.
But we were not yet ready to receive His intentions toward us.
We were not yet ready to acknowledge that His work toward us is of His doing, not ours.
For us today, we can be encouraged and thankful
knowing that His deliverance for us today is already accomplished
and was completed the moment He conceived it,
that He has revealed His purpose to us today,
and that now He uncovers His intent because we are ready to receive His disclosures to us.
No matter what our circumstances today, we are safe in Him
and in the deliverance He has purposed and promised.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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