The Lord Be With You Today!

Christ Is Risen!
He Is Risen, Indeed!
Mark 16:9-18
When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week,
He appeared first to Mary Magdalene,
out of whom He had driven seven demons.
She went and told those who had been with Him
and who were mourning and weeping.
(What a precious gift this redeemed woman of the world was given,
to be the first to whom Jesus appeared.
When we experience great trials and great failures,
as we receive His healing and salvation,
the Lord has even greater mercies and revelations in store for us.)
en they heard that Jesus was alive
and that she had seen Him, they did not believe it.
(In our sophistication and intellectualism,
we often still treat what the Lord reveals to us
in the truths He ministers to us in His Word
with the same incredulity and skepticism.
May we put away doubt and simply believe
what He has promised to us today!)

Afterward Jesus appeared in a different form
to two of them while they were walking in the country.
These returned and reported it to the rest;
but they did not believe them either.
(Even when we hear His message to us
time and time again, even from different sources,
we are still so reluctant to take Him at His Word
and to believe He is Who He says He is in our lives.)
Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating;
He rebuked them for their lack of faith
and their stubborn refusal to believe those
who had seen Him after He had risen.
(The Lord still appears to us today
in the everyday moments and times of our lives.
May we listen to those who are sent into our lives
to reveal His truth and power.
May we yield our stubborn hearts and minds
to the presence of the Lord today!)
He said to them, “Go into all the world
and preach the gospel to all creation.
(Here is our mission yet today
and all the world for us lies right here where we are today.)
Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved,
but whoever does not believe will be condemned.
(Coming into relationship with Christ is our choice, plain and simple.
The Lord empowers us with the responsibility for that choice
and also allows us to experience the consequences of our choice.)
And these signs will accompany those who believe:
In My Name they will drive out demons;
they will speak in new tongues;
they will pick up snakes with their hands;
and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all;
they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”
(As we walk out His mission to go into our world and to preach the good news,
using words when necessary,
may others see the evidence of Christ's undeniable power.
Today, in His Name, may we reach out to those around us
in miraculous ways that show Christ's power
to bring new life and hope to all of us!)
Christ Is Risen!
He Is Risen, Indeed!

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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