The Lord Be With You Today!

John 13:34
(The Thursday before Easter, referred to as Maundy Thursday,
is so called because Maundy is Latin for the word command.)
A new command I give you:
(It is Thursday evening, the night of the Passover supper,
and Jesus is spending His last night with His disciples,
men He has lived with, taught, and nurtured for over three years.
He is sharing the Passover meal with His friends,
a feast to remind Israel of God's deliverance from the final Egyptian plague
when the death angel passed through Egypt
taking the life of the firstborn of each household
that did not have the blood of a slain lamb over the doorpost.
In this poignant setting of Passover remembrance and celebration,
the reminder of God's deliverance of His people from slavery,
Jesus, Who is about to set God's people free from another kind of slavery,
is saying His last words to His friends
because He knows what lies ahead that night,
that the coming suffering and sacrifice of Friday
and Saturday's darkness and separation from His Father
will come before the dawn of Sunday.
Jesus gives us important (Maundy) commands,
one of which is to remember Him through the bread and wine
representing His soon-to-be-broken body and His soon-to-be-shed blood,
which will result in our forgiveness and salvation and redemption
from the bondage of the slavery of sin.)
Love one another.
(Here is His command to us.
Jesus in His powerful and sacrificial love for us is thinking of us,
commanding us, pleading with us, to love each other
because He knows we need each other and each other's love.)
As I have loved you, so you must love one another.
(He even says how we are to love each other—
as He has loved us! How does He love us?
He gave up His life for us, dying so that we might live;
He loves us at the expense of His own needs;
He loves us when we are full of sin;
He loves us even though we didn’t love Him;
He loves us when we violate His trust;
He loves us when we forsake and ignore and deny Him;
He loves us when we wrong Him;
He loves us when we fail Him;
He loves us when we ask Him for forgiveness.
Given this kind of love from Jesus today,
how can we ever doubt or ignore such love for us?
How can we ignore His command to love one another?
Even though Christ knew what His love for us would cost Him,
He loved us so much that He laid down His life for us!
Lord, help us to remember You and Your sacrifice for us!
Lord, help us to receive Your love and to love You!
Lord, help us to love others as You love us!)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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