The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 45:13
"I will raise up Cyrus in My righteousness:
(To defy the enemy’s assertion that God is limited
to a few, dedicated people He can choose to carry out His bidding,
the Lord placed His Hand on a Persian king,
a heathen who worshipped idols, who did not even serve God,
but God saw a man whom He could use, who would be malleable,
and who would finally acknowledge Him as God.
When the enemy tells us that God can never use us,
that we are too flawed, too much a failure, too old or too young,
too weighted down with baggage, too unprepared,
the Lord assures us through this ancient, pagan king
that He can use whom He chooses,
that no one is beyond His influence or salvation or redemption.)
I will make all his ways straight.
He will rebuild my city and set my exiles free,
but not for a price or reward, says the
Lord Almighty.”
(God changed this man Cyrus, who was forced to acknowledge God as God
because he was forced to admit his victory over the Babylonians
was impossible in his own strength.
The Lord not only changed the man,
but He also made him a vehicle to fulfill His Own larger, corporate purposes.
Cyrus did not receive a bribe or a price for the Israelites he set free,
but implemented the very decree that God Himself had ordained
for both Cyrus and for the captive Israelites.
When God chooses us, when He carries our His plans through us,
we, in turn, carry out His purposes.
Today, we become His vessels as He orchestrates His purposes through us.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,




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