The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 44:21b
"I have made you,
(The Lord God reminds His servant Jacob that He Himself has formed him,
that He Himself has shaped and crafted him.
Today, the Lord reminds us that it is He Who has designed and crafted us,
that it is He Who has sculpted us as His work of art, His masterpiece.
you are My servant;
Because of His authorship, because He is our Creator,
because of the great price He paid for us,
He has laid claim to our life and exercises His right to make demands on us.
He has the right to commission us to His work,
and this title deed to our lives gives Him the license
to make us an extension of His purposes and His work,
even as He generously invites us to serve with Him and alongside Him.
He has chosen us as His messenger, as His witness,
and as a testimony of His love and grace.)
O Israel, I will not forget you."
(Put your name here. Each person’s individual name goes here.
We are His. Though we are lowly, a mere servant,
He has vowed never to put us away from Himself,
never to walk away from us, never to abandon us.
He "remembers" us every moment of every day.
We are close to His heart and the apple of His ever-watchful eye.
He will never leave us or forsake us or leave us alone.
He has elevated us to a position as His adopted child
and a sibling of Christ Himself!)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,




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