The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 44:14-15b
He cut down cedars, or perhaps took a cypress or oak.
He let it grow among the trees of the forest,
or planted a pine, and the rain made it grow.
It is used as fuel for burning; some of it he takes and warms himself,
he kindles a fire and bakes bread.
But he also fashions a god and worships it;
(The Lord describes the work of a carpenter
to show us that we as carpenters use the gifts that God Himself
has provided to us for legitimate and worthwhile needs in our lives,
but, also, sadly, for foolish gestures to shape and form idols
and to engage in direct rebellion against God.
We forge the raw materials at our disposal into shapes
made out of our own hands and from our own works.
We seize the raw materials of cedars and pines
that God Himself has created and grown and completely re-purpose them.
In the same way, we take the "cedars" and "pines" of our gifts and talents
that the Lord Himself has instilled within us,
and we try in vain to make something that is beyond ourselves
from the very giftings God has provided for us and in us.
We turn a thing we have created into gods we worship
rather than the Giver and Creator of all these gifts.
The Lord shows us here through His example of the carpenter
about the futility and vanity of our attempts
both to form a god and to try to play the part of a "god" creator.
He shows us today that our very humanness causes us
to see our fundamental and vital need to look to Him
and how inadequate and fumbling and foolish are the ways
we try to find a substitute for Him,
of Him Who is the ultimate reality and truth for us today.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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