The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 44:2
This is what the LORD says—
(When the Lord uses this Name, He is speaking as the God of Israel,
using His Own proper name Yahweh, Jehovah,
Self-Existent Being, Eternal One, the Great I AM.
This Name refers to God as Covenant God
Who has "cut covenant"—made a covenant by the shedding of blood—
with us His people to whom He has declared
that He has chosen to be our God and has chosen us to be His people.
When this God speaks, we should listen to what He has to say.)
He Who made you, Who formed you in the womb, and Who will help you
(Not only does God have a right to be heard because of Who He is,
but also because of What He has done.
It is He, this Creator God, Who has created us to be the person we are,
Who has put us together cell by cell
creating His work of art, His masterpiece,
and Who has helped and sustained us as the very ones He has created.
It is He Who made…put your own name here…,
Who formed…put your own name here…in the womb,
Who will help…put your own name here….)
Do not be afraid, O Jacob,
(And what does He want us to hear from Him, that we need not fear!
Not because the situations facing us are not real—they are!—
but simply because of Who He is.
Who He is makes our fear and anxiety and stress completely baseless
and a dreadful waste of time and energy.
His might and power are victorious over any situation we face,
and that’s the simple reason we need not fall into fear.)
My servant, Jeshurun whom I have chosen.
(To whom does He give this loving and powerful message?
To us, His beloved and trusted servant "Israel," His Jeshurun, His upright one,
His "pet name" of endearment that says to us that we are His beloved one,
that He is proud of us, and that He calls and claims us His very Own.

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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