The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 9:2, 6a
The people walking in darkness have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.
(In a world where our own way led to destruction and despair
and the darkness of death, where we had no hope in ourselves
or in which others could do for us,
we have been given life and hope, a new dawning of a new world

where we have life and life abundantly.)

For unto us a Child in born, unto us a Son is given . . . .
(God so desires to communicate Himself to us,
He so desires to reveal Himself to us,
He so desires to make Himself known to us,
He so desires to reveal Himself as Emmanuel, as God With Us,
that He joyfully and wholeheartedly gives us
a gift from Himself, a part of Himself, His Own Son,
His only begotten Son, His beloved Son,
His Son Who would take on human flesh
so that He could show us as much of Himself, as much of His Father,
as we could humanly comprehend and take in.
As we focus on this Christmas season
and celebrate this Son born into humanity,
fully human and fully divine,
fully Man, perfect Man, and fully God, God Almighty,
Who satisfies our every longing
and Who shows us today how deeply and passionately God loves us,
we know if God has provided to us this Jesus,
we know, then, we have everything we need today
in every situation we face today!)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,

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