The Lord Be With You Today!

Isa 43:6b-7
"Bring My sons from afar and My daughters from the ends of the earth—
(The Lord lays His claim on us today
and calls us, His Own sons and daughters, back to Him
no matter how far away we may have strayed.)
everyone who is called by My Name,
(The Lord reminds Israel, a name signifying a prince or soldier of God,
that this people, this prince, belongs to Him.
What a gift of honor to carry the very Name of the Lord.
To be called by His Name means
that we are marked as belonging to Him,
that He knows every detail about our lives,
that we are seen as favored by Him,
that we bear the very family Name of God Himself,
that we are His emissary to carry out His purposes,
and that we reveal and manifest the very character of God.)
whom I created for My glory,
(Not only has He called us by His Name,
but He is our Creator, designing us in His very Image.
He created us specifically to be a reflection of His great Name,
of His holiness, of His love, of His mercy,
all of which only point to the glory of God to which no other can compare.)
whom I formed and made."
(In order for us to be that reflection of God that He desires,
He also shapes and molds us to perfect us, to grow us, and to mature us
into vessels He chooses to use as He carries out His sovereign plans.
He has called us, created us, and formed and made us,
action verbs that describe the process of our beginning in Him
all the way through to our ultimate ending in Him.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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