The Lord Be With You Today!

Isa 43:6b
"Bring My sons from afar and My daughters from the ends of the earth—"
(The Lord commands the nations to which Israel has been exiled
to do more than let His people go,
but also to escort them back to the very land where they belong,
to the very land from which the invaders had first carried them off.
The once conquering enemy is now vanquished,
defeated to the point that it has to bring back the spoils
of its former victory to the very land it had earlier invaded.
Still today, no matter where we find ourselves,
no matter where we have wandered in exile,
the Lord commands the enslaving situations to let us go
and, in fact, that these very situations would be
that which ushers us into His presence as men and women who have grown
and matured through the trials and hardships we have experienced.
Though at times our seasons of hardships and "exile"
may seem endless and hopeless,
here again the Lord reminds us that He is always the ultimate Victor,
that He is sovereign even over that which attacks us today,
and that He will cause the very attack itself to come under our feet,
serving only to conduct us into the Presence of the One
Who perfects us through these difficult places!)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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