The Lord Be With You Today!
Isa 42:14
“For a long time I have kept silent,
I have been quiet and held myself back.
(To His people who have been suffering in exile for some time,
the Lord says He has had to refrain Himself
from coming to their rescue and delivering them from their oppressors.
In the larger historical sense, since ancient times,
the Lord has allowed our arch enemy to wield influence
in the world and in our lives
which has also required Him to restrain Himself.
For today, the Lord reminds us that for what may have seemed like
an interminable season for us and for Him
He may have permitted the forces of darkness to come against us,
while forcing Himself to allow that encroachment into our lives.)
But now, like a woman in childbirth, I cry out, I gasp and pant.”(The Lord gives us a graphic and beautiful picture
of His intensity and fervor toward us
through a powerful one of the passion and exertion of a woman in labor
as she responds to the insistence that wells up within her to birth new life.
Now, today, when the Lord sees the timing is right,
no longer requiring restraint on His part to hold Himself back,
no longer holding Himself back, but with focused intensity and passion,
He births His purposes of deliverance and victory in our lives.)
May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,

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