The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 55:5
"Surely You will summon nations You know not,
and nations You do not know will come running to You,

because of the Lord Your God, the Holy One of Israel,
(The Lord God will establish His Own Son,
not only as Israel's Messiah and the King over Israel,
but also over nations that do not presently acknowledge Him as Lord.
As He calls to Himself the Gentile nations
that exist and extend beyond His people Israel,
these same nations will not only be open to His call,
but will also eagerly run to His promise of love and salvation.
In a more individual and personal application,
the Lord has set Himself Lord of our lives,
adopting us into His chosen family,
and He also opens His arms to us who run to Him in our need
and who know that He is our only answer.
Even as He invites us who have never known Him
as Savior and Lord to come to Him,
He also calls us who do know Him to open to Him the places of need
where we have never yet experienced the Lord's salvation and deliverance.
He summons us to release those places to Him today.)

for He has endowed You with splendor.”
(God has conferred splendor and majesty and honor
on Christ His Son, the One Whom He has designated Savior.
In Him He is well pleased.
Since we are the begotten of the Lord,
since we have received Christ's mercies of salvation and redemption,
God looks on us with His favor, as well,
and confers on us the reflected splendor and honor
of His Own Son's dazzling righteousness.
In us today, the Lord is well pleased.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,

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