The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 40:25
“To whom will you compare Me?
Or who is My equal?” says the Holy One.
(In contrast to the sometime idols in our lives to whom we give our worship,
the Lord challenges us to compare their power with His, their presence with His.
The idols we adore are often those
of bitterness against others, ourselves, or God
or fear of outcomes over which we have no control
or being critical and negative in the name of being rational and intellectual,
or trying to perform to win status and others’ approval,
or attempting to control others and events in our lives
to the exclusion of the One Who is in control of them.
Despite our faithful worship at these altars,
these idols give back nothing except the rewards
of deeper wounds, bondage, confusion, and greater blindness.
Despite what we may think or how we may act,
God alone deserves our praise and worship.
No other power or force in the heavens or on earth
is equal to the God Who reigns supreme.
Today, this God lovingly invites us to focus our praise in Him
because He always has our best interests at heart.
Today, this God Whom we can trust deserves our praise,
not because He needs it, but because He knows
worshipping Him benefits us for whom He cares and loves deeply.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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