The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 38:10-11
I said, “In the prime of my life must I go through the gates of death
and be robbed of the rest of my years?”
I said, “I will not again see the
Lord Himself in the land of the living;
no longer will I look on my fellow man,
or be with those who now dwell in this world."
(Hezekiah has experienced God’s miraculous healing
from the ravages of disease and a deathly illness,
and he has been promised additional years to live.
Here he recounts the memories of his thoughts and feelings during those trials
remembering the wonder of that from which he had been delivered.
Setting markers and stakes in the ground
of the times when God has provided for us, when He has healed us,
when He has miraculously delivered us, when He has defended us,
not only gives glory to the Lord, but it also recounts
a testimony for us and others from the past
of the power and provision of the Lord for us today.
Hezekiah was building up his faith as he remembered.
As we think of those times in our own lives
when we literally or figuratively came to the gates of death,
when we felt robbed of time and well-being,
when we felt our life was over and all hope was gone,
and then later see that we have miraculously walked away
with a new lease on life and freed from the devourer of life,
we have a new sense of the Lord’s great provision.
We, too, can build our faith today by recounting aloud to ourselves
those wonders of all the Lord has done for us.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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