The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 37:30
“This will be the sign for you, Hezekiah:
(After the Lord told the arrogant Assyrians
their imminent threat to Jerusalem was empty and meaningless
and they would suffer defeat at the Hand of the Lord,
now He turns to encourage Hezekiah
who had earlier taken his desperate plea to the Lord in prayer.)
This year you will eat what grows by itself,
and the second year what springs from that.
(While the enemy may wreak havoc in our lives,
may cause destruction and devastation
through difficult situations and relational conflicts,
the Lord’s provision remains real and strong.
He sets boundaries around the extent of the destruction
that He permits to come against His people
and ensures that His people have provision.
Although the Assyrians had destroyed the crops
while they surrounded Jerusalem,
the Lord declares that His earth will provide all His people need.
For us today, no matter what we have lost,
the Lord also promises us provision and restoration
when we are surrounded and threatened by enemies.)
But in the third year sow and reap, plant vineyards and eat their fruit."

(Finally, the Lord declares His people will return to the cultivation of their land
and be blessed by the fruit of their labor and the work of their hands.
He causes even the earth and its crops to respond to the needs of His people.
Today, if we are in the midst of devastation or in the process of recovery,
we can stand on His promise to bless and provide,
to His using the work of our hands to be fruitful,
and to be richly satisfied in His faithful provision.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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