The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 37:22c
Daughter Jerusalem tosses her head as you flee.
(The Lord addresses the Assyrians themselves
in His answer to Hezekiah’s desperate prayer
for deliverance from their threat of invasion.
When evil attempts to terrorize us, the menace is not only to us,
but, more importantly, the situations that come against us
come against our God Who has claimed us as His Own.
Because of her relationship to her Father,
this daughter Jerusalem is able to fling aside the imminent threat against her.
She has been birthed and claimed by her Maker
and, therefore, has nothing to fear from this threat of invasion.
We, too, as the sons and daughters of God today,
birthed in salvation to Him and marked with a seal as belonging to Him,
can toss aside the impossibly difficult situations that confront us,
not because we have the strength to withstand them,
but because we belong to the Father, the Almighty,
to the One Whose strength and power far exceed any threat to us.
As we allow the Lord to address whatever is before us today,
any threats to us have to flee because no menace
can remain in the Presence of God.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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