The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 37:18
“It is true, Lord, that the Assyrian kings
have laid waste all these peoples and their lands."
(Hezekiah’s dire emergency, the imminent threat of an invading army,
has given us a model for how to pray
when we also face terrifying and challenging times.
In this example of effective prayer, in the midst of identifying
the extent of the impending threat before him,
Hezekiah again uses the personal Name of the Lord
that recognizes His Lordship, His Sovereignty,
and His covenant relationship with Hezekiah and his people.
Hezekiah acknowledges the truth of the enemy army’s power of destruction
and of its victories over the peoples in the region.
The Assyrian threat to Hezekiah is real.
Prayer is not positive thinking or upbeat wording,
avoiding the reality before us.
Neither is prayer fear-based, honoring the enemy more than is warranted.
Here Hezekiah is simply stating facts as they have emerged.
The lesson for us is to name our God as LORD,
to speak directly to Him,
to be specific when we pray, to name the enemy as we know it,
to name the history of the menace,
and to honestly present our needs to the Lord.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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