The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 33:17-19a
Your eyes will see the king in his beauty
and view a land that stretches afar.
(When the Israelites were freed from the siege of the enemy,
they saw King Hezekiah, no longer in sackcloth and mourning,
but in the beauty and power of victory,
a foreshadowing of Christ in His triumph.
When we focus on King Jesus today,
Christ also reflects the deliverance and victory that He offers us.
No longer do we live in defeat,
besieged by circumstances and situations,
but we dwell in the far reaching and expansive and powerful
Presence of the Lord.)
In your thoughts you will ponder the former terror:
“Where is that chief officer? Where is the one who took the revenue?
Where is the officer in charge of the towers?”
You will see those arrogant people no more. . . .
(As we look to Him and the power of His Presence,
as we reflect on the misery and terror that had besieged us
through difficulties and challenges in our lives,
we see that those powers of darkness are nowhere to be found
and that their influence has disappeared.
Where once we lived in fear and stress,
now in Christ’s presence, we thrive in His provision and triumph.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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