The Lord Be With You Today!

Genesis 32:24
Then Jacob was left alone;
(Having left his homeland years earlier with nothing
and returning now in great wealth,
the Lord having blessed him with a large family and great riches,
but fearful of how his brother Esau will receive him,
Jacob provides for his family’s safety and, unlike his earlier ways
when he felt he had to take charge of a situation of concern to him,
prepares to spend time alone with God in prayer.
When we are faced with difficult circumstances and people,
our best next step is to make time to be alone with the Lord
to wait in His presence and to hear from Him.)
and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day.
(And Jacob did, indeed, hear from the Lord.
Jacob had wrestled successfully with man,
at times with honor and at other times dishonorably,
first with his brother Esau, even his father, and then his uncle Laban,
and now he was confronted with an Old Testament appearance of Christ
Who Himself took on Jacob to allow Jacob the opportunity
to see just how serious Jacob was in his relationship
to the God of his father Abraham and Isaac.
Now Jacob is wrestling with God.
The Lord could have struck him at any moment and "won" the match.
This encounter was not about the Lord’s unquestioned strength,
but about Jacob’s determination and the strength of his changed character
after his years away from home and under Laban’s deceitful employ.
The Lord still "wrestles" with us today as He allows us to grow in Him
through difficult situations and to make the decision to follow Him.
What may appear in our lives today as an imminent attack
and a deeply concerning situation may be the time
when the Lord is wrestling with us through the "night" of the situation.
He doesn’t let go of us in our struggle with Him.
Instead, the Lord faithfully strains with us
as we grapple with our relationship with Him through the trials we face.
He never gives up on us and never lets go of us!)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,

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