The Lord Be With You Today!

Genesis 32:26
And He said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks.”

(The Lord had allowed Jacob to wrestle with Him through the night
to build Jacob’s faith and to help him focus completely
on the Lord and on His untiring strength and perseverance.
Now, the Lord was releasing Jacob to face the day’s challenge
of facing his brother Esau and Esau’s possible revenge against Jacob.
After we wrestle with the Lord in intercession,
after we spend time with the Lord in prayer, our faith is increased,
and when the Lord releases us,
when He says we need to face the day, we are assured
that He has heard us and answered our needs.)
But he said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!"

(Jacob now realizes his strength comes from God
instead of his own maneuverings and efforts
on which he had depended before.
Now he realizes the source of his strength is from God.
When we spend time interceding before the Lord,
He shows us that He is our strength and gives us the courage
to be bold and ask Him for blessings
for which we would not ordinarily have asked.
The Lord desires that we ask Him for more than answers to our prayers,
but to present to Him our very lives
so that He can bless us far beyond our own needs.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,

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