The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 53:6b
. . . and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.
(The Hebrew meaning for the phrase here
is that the Lord caused all the iniquity, all the sin, of mankind
to come together and light on Jesus, to land on Him, to be carried by Him.
He Who was innocent and knew no sin became sin for us
and was punished as if He were guilty.
He has done this for us who are guilty and actually deserve punishment
so that we are spared that deserved punishment.
What an amazing, loving, selfless gift to us that the Lord Himself,
knowing we could never be sinless in ourselves,
that we could never be good enough to measure up
to God's holy standards of complete and pure holiness,
provided the means Himself through the sacrifice of His Son,
to bridge the awful and otherwise impassable gulf between God and man.
Because of Jesus' complete provision for us,
today we can walk in absolute freedom from separation from God
and in absolute freedom to be in full relationship with the Father
through the Son's sacrifice and through the Holy Spirit Who now resides within us.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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