The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 53:4b
. . . yet we considered Him punished by God,

stricken by Him, and afflicted.

(When Jesus brought His message of salvation to His people,

He was rejected and died at their hands.

His Own people considered Him so abhorrent

that they thought He not only deserved what He suffered,

but that God Himself was meting out His punishment on the Man Jesus.

In fact, those who put Jesus to death did so under the rationalization
that He had sinned and that His death by their hands was God's punishment for Him.
He Who is very God Himself, Lord of Creation,
allowed Himself to be smitten by the very ones He had made.
The idea of the punishment inflicted on Jesus
in the Hebrew is that Jesus was like a leper

to the people gathered there in Jerusalem and demanding His death.

Leprosy was a condition considered an affliction of God

and a prophetic picture of the just punishment of a man of sin.

When we think that He took on the "leprosy" of sin,

what man considered the worst condition,

Jesus was actually portraying to the people there and to us today

His extraordinary act of love.

While He was not being punished by God

in the way that the people of His day assumed,

Christ was, in fact, receiving and experiencing the affliction

that a just God has to allow about sin's results,

a punishment of pain and sorrow and hardship

that sin brings into our lives still today

and that Christ has taken on Himself in our stead.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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