The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 53:3b
Like One from Whom people hide their faces

(As Isaiah prophecies the suffering of Jesus,
the picture here is of people who can't look on Jesus
because He is so disgusting, both from His disfigurement
and from His claim to be their Messiah.
The phrase alludes to the horror of looking on a leprous face
that appeared so inhuman it was impossible to look on the person.
The phrase may also refer to Jesus' Own awareness
of the untold shame and humiliation of the sin
that He took on Himself and, like lepers of ancient days,
hid His Face from the view of others in an attempt
to avoid revealing the horror of all that He knew He bore
of the degradation and shame of mankind.
Still today, rather than seek Him out and fall before His majesty,
rather than run to Him to acknowledge His Lordship in our lives,
rather than embrace Him for the sacrifice He made for us,
just like His closest friends and disciples in His time on earth,
we hide from Him to avoid Him, refusing to look to Him,
pushing Him away and denying any association with Him,
and scornful of everything He offers to us through His sacrifice.
Instead, today, we often foolishly try to fill our needs with things and people,
often foolishly trying in vain to exercise control over situations and people,
and, in so doing, often failing even to control ourselves.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ's love,


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