Jesus tells us to set our hearts on the Kingdom and to seek it first. Setting our hearts on something involves not only serious aspiration but also strong determination. A spiritual life requires human effort. Its a lot easier said than done overcoming those forces that seek to pull us back into a worry-filled life. I have learned without solitude it is virtually impossible to live a spiritual life. I don’t care who you are or what your responsibilities are and how busy you may be. A spiritual life begins with making time and creating a place for God and him alone. Satan’s greatest tactic is busyness and busyness creates inner chaos over time. Matthew 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, (1.enter into thy closet), and when (2.thou hast shut (3) thy door), pray to thy Father which is in secret…..

Notice these three points: 1. enter into thy closet- Each of us need that place of solitude, which requires effort on our part. Your very own special & personal place that is called here, THY/YOUR Closet. 2. Shutthy door – Let me make this practical for each of us. Turn the cell phone off, shut the laptop off and Shut the door on the world. Shut the door on your business, friends, appointments, demands, etc… 3. Thy door -This is key! Please catch this: Christ puts the responsibility on us. Its our door, which means we are the ones that let all the busyness in, not him! If you can’t find time because of this or that, just remember your hand is on the knob of your door. I want to encourage each of you to Shut “Your” Door and lets find that place of solitude on a continual basis. This will keep us from ever loosing focus on how we are supposed to live.