Isaiah 55:11 So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” The Word of God is truth and life; it is authority and power; it is alive and active, quick and powerful. God’s very first words recorded in Genesis spoke His directive and generated the beginning of a massive, awesome, creative act. When we, as God’s Own delegated and appointed ambassadors, speak forth His Word, we exercise that same power and authority contained in the Word. His Word is no less powerful today than when He spoke it to creation; than when He spoke it through the prophets; than when He spoke it through Jesus, His Word made flesh; than when He saved us and adopted us into His Own Family. As we speak God’s Word aloud, we, too, send it forth to do God’s bidding. He gives us authority to proclaim His Word, not based on our power, but based on the authority of His promise and plan. As we speak His Word, we sow the seed of the Word. In the same way a seed is planted, rests in the soil, takes root, sprouts, matures, and brings forth a harvest, when we speak God’s Word, we plant the seed of the Word in ourselves, in our situations, and in others. If we want to bear a fruitful harvest, we must plant the seed of God’s Word. He is the One Who causes the seed of His Word to grow and bear fruit. He is the One Whose authority stands behind that Word. He is the Sovereign, Mighty God Whose Word never fails, never falls short, never lies empty, never lies useless. His Word is active and alive. His Word planted cannot help but bring forth a harvest of blessings. When we give voice to doubt, unbelief, worry, and fear, why are we surprised at the harvest we reap? We are sowing seeds in direct conflict to the kind of harvest we hope to gather. Our words matter. What we speak is what we sow. We sow what we speak. Rather than voicing doubt, unbelief, worry, and fear, we can choose to plant the Word into our own hearts by reading and speaking it aloud to ourselves. If faith comes by hearing and that hearing by the Word, we build our faith through hearing God’s Word, spoken aloud, by us, to us, into our own heart first and then outward into the situations and people surrounding us. Our words have authority; they have the power of life and death. Since our own words are the seeds that grow our environment, we need to speak the Word of God into our lives and minds, sowing it to build our faith and to align our present and future with all that God’s Word designs for us. Submitted by: Sally Shields Reflection of PSB sermon