Isaiah 9:6e . . . and His name shall be called . . . The mighty God. . . . (the word for God used here is El, the most ancient word for God used by the Hebrews, a form of which is used for the first time in Genesis 1:1, and has as its underlying meaning strength and power; it is a singular noun for One God, meaning the Strong One, referring to the strength of God, and describes the Messiah, the Christ, Jesus as absolute and complete Deity, His unique and unqualified status as God Himself, as the Almighty God, as Divine and Strong Hero, as the One and Only God; this Mighty God, this Jesus, the Author of creation, Who was with God in the beginning, Who is God, Who holds all things together, undertook the heroic mission of redemption, of breathing the life of salvation and renewal into the deadness of our lives; now, today, this same Jesus, this same Hero, this Deity, this Mighty God, continues His relentless pursuit of His mission to redeem all aspects of the life we live out before Him today. to be our strength and power, to extend His heroic love and salvation to us, to be in intimate relationship with His redeemed and beloved creation; no matter what our lives hold in this hour, Jesus is mighty in our lives today!) May the Lord richly bless you this day! Submitted by: Sally Shields