Isaiah 9:7c The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this. (the root word for zeal and jealousy is the same here, indicating that the fervor of God Almighty Himself and the intensity of His determined love for us is so forceful that He declares He Himself has established Christ’s kingdom of justice and righteousness, a kingdom reality that has been accomplished, is still being established, and will finally be completely fulfilled; His determination to accomplish His purposes toward us prevails; He has placed Christ squarely in our path so that we can’t avoid Him, so that we have no logical, no reasoned choice, except to yield to His presence and love; today the ardor of God toward us comes from His passion to redeem us and to make us His Own, and He achieves His reign in our lives through His decree, through His love, through His sacrifice, through His zeal for us today; such unconditional love and passion toward us shows us that we can trust the Lord today with our deepest fears and needs and know that whatever the Lord has determined to accomplish in our lives today, in His zeal and jealousy over us, He will accomplish it!) May the Lord richly bless you this day! Submitted by: Sally Shields