The Lord Be With You Today!


Isaiah 30:29

And you will sing as on the night you celebrate a holy festival;
your hearts will rejoice as when people playing pipes

go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the Rock of Israel.

(When the Lord reveals Himself as Deliverer

to set us free from the forces aligned against us,

we will be as joyful as if we were celebrating

the Feast of Passover along with Israel,

commemorating being set free from the harsh bondage of slavery,

when the Lord passed over the Israelites during the night of judgment.

Our deliverance begins in the nighttime of oppression and wounding,

in the moment we look to the Lord and call on Him,

to Him Who passes over us to save us from His judgment of sin,

of our rebellion, of our self-will, of our disobedience,

and ends by our going up to the mountain of the Lord in song and dance,

a place of absolute victory and freedom,

in a joyful celebration of praise to the Mighty One of Israel. 

Today, this Mighty Lord, this Mighty Rock of "put your own name here"

is present with you, immovable, fixed, unbending, and enduring,

the One in Whom we rejoice and to Whom we give praise and honor

because of His great love and faithfulness!)


May the Lord richly bless you this day!


In Christ’s love,





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