The Lord Be With You Today!

Isa 42:9a
"See, the former things have taken place"
(The Lord reminds us to look at His past declarations and promises
to take note that they have come to pass.
As we look at His history of actions in the world,
we see His power and faithfulness and His mighty Hand at work
protecting His people and bringing about a Savior to reconcile us to Him.
As we look at His history of actions in our own lives,
we can also see the Lord’s Hand at work in us,
that our past is part of what has brought us
to this today place of relationship with the Lord.
Just as surely as what He spoke about His purposes
toward the world has come to pass,
we can also know without a doubt today
that what He has spoken about His purposes toward us
will also come to pass in our lives.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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