The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 43:22-23a
“Yet you have not called on Me, Jacob,
you have not wearied yourselves for Me, Israel.
(As the Lord declares His loving provision for His people
and His intervention on their behalf in their time of great need,
still they foolishly fail to acknowledge Him, to seek Him, to follow Him,
or to fatigue themselves in prayer and supplication to Him.
Rather, as this second line may be translated,
they "have been weary of Me."
They have tried to go it on their own.
How often when we are faced with difficult situations today
do we try to manage on our own, try to self-direct, try to be self-sufficient,
depending upon our own performance and abilities,
rather than calling out in desperation to the Lord
Who has lovingly invited us to allow Him to be strong on our behalf.)
You have not brought Me sheep for burnt offerings,
nor honored Me with your sacrifices."
(Just as Israel failed to respond in thanksgiving and praise
for the Lord’s provision through the desert places,
even as He provided supernatural and miraculous streams in their desert wandering,
just as they failed to seek Him for their desperate needs,
even after the Lord has saved us from certain defeat in our own lives today,
how often, do we simply go on with our own self-absorption
rather than calling out to Him, rather than seeking Him,
rather than giving ourselves and our lives over to Him.
Today, our burnt offerings and sacrifices are our very lives we offer Him
in submission to His will, in submission to His plan for us.
He calls us today to honor Him with the living sacrifice of our own lives.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,


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