The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 58:8b
"Then your righteousness[or your Righteous One] will go before you,
(When God’s people walk in purity of heart before Him, submitting to His ways,
and putting others’ needs and interests before themselves, this is His promise,
that He will count our obedience to Him as righteousness!
He declares and decrees He will not look on our missteps, our failures,
or our inadequacies, but will see only His righteousness,
not any puny and unholy attempt at righteousness on our part,
but His Own righteousness, righteousness that He Himself has poured over us
and has chosen to credit to us as our own.
The Hebrew also alludes to a possible reading that the Lord Himself
goes before us to smooth our path, to be our advance guard, our forerunner.
Now, if the Lord Himself goes before us,
who or what could ever stop us or cause us to fear.)
and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard."
(Not only does He provide the way forward, guarding us from a frontal attack,
but He also brings up the rear, guarding us
from any sneak attack we were not expecting.
Even as Israel stood at the brink of the Red Sea in their escape from slavery,
the Lord’s pillar of fire stood behind them and between them and their Egyptian pursuers.
Even as the Lord ordered the tribe of Dan
to bring up the rear of His marching army of Israelites as they left Mt. Sinai
where they had received their marching orders and were proceeding to the Promised Land,
so that no stragglers could get lost nor any enemy sneak up and attack from behind,
so the Lord also still sets Himself and the heavy and powerful weight of His glory
as our rear guard as we march forward to possess the life to which He has called us
so that we can’t wander off and so that the enemy can’t sneak up and pick us off.
His presence and glory still guard us today where and when we aren’t even on the look-out.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,

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