The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 63:8
He said, “Surely they are My people,
(Even in the people’s rebellion against Him, even in their exile in Babylon,
the Lord continues to call Israel His Own.
He has declared to them and the world they belong to Him.
Today, the Lord calls us His Own, His beloved, the apple of His Eye.
Today, no matter what we have done or haven’t done,
no matter what foolish and destructive choices we have made,
the Lord still calls His Own.)
children who will be true to Me”;
(Not only has the Lord declared we belong to Him,
but as a part of the unshakeable covenant of love that He made to us,
He has invited us, as our part, to be true to Him,
to look to Him, to honor Him, to faithfully follow Him,
and to fulfill our part of the covenant He has made with us.)
and so He became their Savior.
(Knowing that we would never successfully and consistently
walk out covenant with this Holy God we serve,
He has even provided for that lack, for that inability on our part
by making Himself our Savior and Redeemer,
calling us out of the darkness of our past and present and future
into the abundant life of freedom and victory in Him.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,

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