The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 64:11
Our holy and glorious temple, where our ancestors praised You,
has been burned with fire, and all that we treasured lies in ruins.
(Part of the devastating results of Israel’s sin
was the invasion by the Babylonians
and the destruction of the Holy Temple.
The Lord allowed His people to reap what they had sown.
Now, the place the Lord had provided,
where He had invited His people to meet with Him,
has been desecrated and destroyed.
Thinking they could stray into their own paths and make their own way,
the people had thought they could keep one foot in the world
while keeping the other in God’s Kingdom.
Their terrible shock was that the Lord in His great love for them,
in His holy jealousy for them to experience
the fullness of all He wanted to provide for them,
would not allow them to continue playing at serving Him.
Now the place where they could call on the Lord,
the place where He had chosen to dwell
and to make Himself known to them, was gone.
Now their once treasured place of connection with their God
was broken and destroyed.
Now, instead of depending on exterior settings
as the place to meet their God,
in the beauty of His redeeming seemingly impossible situations,
they would be forced to experience communion with Him
within their hearts and minds.
Now, only through God’s mercy and grace,
would He reestablish His relationship with them.
We, too, may experience the loss of what we treasure,
but the Lord will use even that space in our lives
to help force us to focus our treasure and relationship in Him
and to reestablish our communion with Him.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,

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