Life Groups

Relationships and family are incredibly important at AP. Life Groups are the perfect opportunity for you to build relationships, and connect with other people. Life Groups provide you an active role in the transformation of our city through service, and will challenge you to go deeper in your study of God’s Word and your pursuit of His presence.

Larry & Sonya Bramlage

Accepting New Members!
Location: New Richmond
Day: Every other Thursday
Time: 7pm
Favorite Activities: DIY Projects, caring for our dogs & chickens, & furniture transformation
Favorite Foods: chili bowls, bacon, eggs, gluten-free

Larry & Sonya have been married for four years, but have known each other for fifteen years. They moved in August of 2015 to New Richmond and the house included a lovely flock of chickens. They enjoy the country lifestyle and enjoy entertaining and sharing life with friends.

Jim & Sheri Cox

This Group Is Full!
Location: Loveland
Day: Every Monday
Time: 7pm
Favorite Activities: playing with granddaughter, hiking, cooking, eating, and going to the movies
Favorite Foods: Indian, BBQ brisket & ribs, crab legs, & anything chocolate.

Jim & Sheri are “empty nesters.” Their daughter, Ashley, is thriving with her wonderful husband and 2-year-old Lucy, their joy! They love the Lord and seek daily to have relationship with Him. They are adventurous people and love new experiences with friends they haven’t met yet! They laugh A LOT – usually at themselves. They volunteer their time and energies to several organizations. They count convicts and drug addicts as many of their favorite people, especially those who are also seeking the Lord.

Devon & Christie Enloe

Accepting New Members!
Location: Batavia
Day: 1st & 3rd Friday
Time: 7pm
Favorite Activities: reading, spending time with family & friends, taking field trips, & putting together jigsaw puzzles.
Favorite Foods: we enjoy baking Christmas cookies & sharing with family, friends, & neighbors. Our favorite are sugar cookies.

The Enloes are a homeschooling family of five that loves having company & spending time with friends & family. Neither Devin nor Christie are native to Cincinnati, and most of their family lives five or more hours away so they are often hosting out-of-town guests or taking quick trips to visit family. They also love field trips & are always looking for an opportunity to explore and learn new things.

Tom & Cathy Neely

Accepting New Members!
Location: Batavia
Day: Thursdays
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Favorite Activities: Riding motorcycles, serving at Hands Against Hunger & City Gospel Mission
Favorite Foods: Dump cakes, especially peach with toffee pecan topping

Tom & Cathy have been married for 27 years. Tom works for the CDC as an IT Specialist and Cathy owns and operates a housekeeping service. They are both Cincinnati natives, but their family lines trace back to the mountains of Tennessee and West Virginia. Their heart is serving others, especially with food! Their life group prepares blessings bags to those in need. When you come over you will probably experience tacos, lasagna, or chili followed by a  slew of desserts!

Johnny & Christie O’Hare

Accepting New Members!
Location: Milford
Day: 3rd Saturday of Every Month
Time: 5pm
Favorite Activities: Pizza, movies, walks, swimming, & Chuck E Cheese’s
Favorite Foods: Pizza (Marco’s white cheesy), Chipotle, Special K Fruit & Yogurt

Johnny & Christie’s Life Group is a group specifically targeting people with young children. They are used to running on little sleep and watching Paw-Patrol (if you don’t know what this is, this probably isn’t the group for you). Their favorite past times are “family-friendly” community activities and spending time with family and friends. They are most excited when they get all the kids down to bed by 7:30pm and/or they “sleep in” past 7:30am! They love God and are so thankful God has brought them to AP.

Tim & Hyeyun Stearns

Accepting New Members!
Location: Newtown
Day: 1st & 3rd Sundays
Time: 5pm
Favorite Activities: Hiking, board games, singng, helping others, sports
Favorite Foods: Korean, pizza, hamburgers & hot dogs, fish & chips, and chicken

The Stearns’ home group family is multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multi-vocal (very talkative). We enjoy great fellowship and a great meal before diving into God’s great Word. Bill “The Principal” Sizemore leads us thorugh our bi-weekly discussion with valuable insight, navigation, and usually a few laughs. We love our home group family and would love to extend our love to you!

Robert & Julie Vilardo

Accepting New Members!
Location: Anderson Twp
Day: 1st & 3rd Sundays
Time: 6:30pm
Favorite Activities: Athletics & cooking
Favorite Foods: Italian food (pasta), and brownies with Reeses Cups

Robert and Julie have been married 24 years. They have five children: Mason, Bransen, Dawsyn, Laura, & Logan (one from Kazakhstan and one from Ukraine). Mason is in college at Wright State and Bransen is at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Their girls attend MVCA and Logan is in Nagel Middle School. Robert is the Athletic Director and Football Coach at MVCA. Julie is a dentist and coaches girls basketball at MVCA.

Joe & Jamie Waselenko

Accepting New Members!
Location: Batavia
Day: Every Saturday
Time: 9:30am
Favorite Activities: Hiking, biking, reading, and walking across the Purple People Bridge with the family
Favorite Foods: Traditional cuisine