The Lord Be With You Today!

Isaiah 63:10
Yet they rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit.
(Even though the Lord had shown Himself strong on behalf of His people,
even though He had provided them escape from their enemy,
even though He had delivered them from bondage in Egypt,
still, even as soon as they had left Egypt, did they rebel against Him.
As remarkable and as unbelievable as it seems,
though the Hand of the Lord Himself had delivered the people
from their oppression and their enemy, in only a short moment,
they turned away from Him. disobeyed Him, and murmured against Him.
His Father’s Heart was crushed in sadness at their rejection and rebellion.
The idea of grieving also points to the idea that the Lord was provoked and vexed
because of His people’s willfulness and hardness of heart.)
So He turned and became their enemy
(In great sadness, the Lord is now separated from His people
because of their sin and idolatry. Now, because of the choices they have made,
they and the Lord were separated by the sin that lay between them.
Now, because of their walk in sin,
the Lord could only be against all they were embracing and worshiping.
For us today, when we deliberately choose to turn our backs on the Lord,
when we choose sin, when we choose life outside of Him,
all that He stands for makes Him the enemy of what we are choosing.)
and He Himself fought against them.
(Because the Lord will not accept idolatry or disobedience,
out of His great love, He fights against those things that pull us from Him.
In fighting against us, He fights for us.
He fights for His relationship with us,
for our holiness to be restored, for our walk with Him to be undefiled.
Today, He fights for us even in our foolish choices,
even in our disobedience, even in our willfulness, even in our sinfulness.
He fights against all that separates us from Him
even as He fights against us and for us.)

May the Lord richly bless you this day!

In Christ’s love,

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